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I specialise in the translation of documents related to the business industry, and IT, Internet-related content, websites and high-profile marketing content. Some of the documents I most frequently translate include internal documents, pitch decks, solutions briefs, battle cards, websites, UIs, white papers, hands-on labs, and marketing and campaign assets.


I provide accurate subtitling services and subtitle translation services that resonate with English-speaking viewers, as well as Spanish-speaking viewers.
In the last three years, I have created English subtitles for the following fictional and non-fictional motion pictures from Argentina, which have been featured in worldwide film festivals.
Onyx (film, 2016)
Shineless (documentary, 2017)
Abalos, a story of five brothers (documentary, 2018)

Disclaimer: The subtitles for the embedded trailers are not mine.


I provide copyediting services to enhance your document by eliminating grammatical typographical, and consistency errors, improving clarity, readability, and overall language quality, and using terminology appropriate for the document.
As a copyeditor, my job is to ensure your text reads naturally and flows smoothly from beginning to end.



If I can be of service to you in any of these services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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About Me

My name is Analía Zanelli, and I’m an English<>Spanish translator. I’m a native speaker  of Spanish with a superb command –and a relentless curiosity– of the English language. I studied English Translation at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina and a few years later, I did a Master’s on Translation and Interpretation at the University of Buenos Aires.

Why Me

I’ve been studying English since I was seven years old. It started as a simple afternoon activity with two of my closest friends, but it didn’t take long until I realised English was something I wanted to keep exploring and learning. At the age of 16, I already knew I wanted to become an English professional and, soon after, I realised translation was a true passion of mine.
As a passionate language expert, I consider translation a form of art, where creativity and freedom play a central role and this is what I strive to guarantee to every client.

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