About Me

My name is Analía Zanelli, and I’m an English<>Spanish translator. I’m a native speaker  of Spanish with a superb command –and a relentless curiosity– of the English language. I studied English Translation at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina and a few years later, I did a Master’s on Translation and Interpretation at the University of Buenos Aires.

Why Me

I’ve been studying English since I was seven years old. It started as a simple afternoon activity with two of my closest friends, but it didn’t take long until I realised English was something I wanted to keep exploring and learning. At the age of 16, I already knew I wanted to become an English professional and, soon after, I realised translation was a true passion of mine.

Statement of Work

Being a translator for a living fills me with joy and pride, since I truly enjoy spending my days recreating texts in my native language or in English in order to communicate with people around the world.
Also, in order to keep up with the dynamic demands of the industry, I aim to expand my knowledge and further develop my skills and capabilities every day.
However, what I believe is essential for doing my job and delivering great quality content, is that translation, to me, is a form of art, where creativity and freedom play a central role. This is what I strive to guarantee to every client.